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Small Group Training

Our specialized small group training program consists of working with 2-6 players. Training in small groups does not lose sight of the importance of individual 1-2-1 attention, yet enables players to be put in game like situations.

Targeting in on the 4 components of player development, technical, tactical, physical and psychological, all coaching sessions are 1 hour in duration and are developed according to players' specific needs, strengths and weaknesses or positional responsibilities.

We welcome players of all age and skill level. Players can put their own training group together (max 6 players) or individual players wishing to be placed in a group, can contact us using the link below for available age groups.

All dates, times and locations will be arranged directly with coach to suit both player and trainer.

Cost / Fees
1 Session Program $150 total per group.
6 Session Program $720 total per group.

12 Session Summer Training Program $1200 total per group.

Note: If sessions take place at an indoor facility, additional rental charges for the field will apply.


Focus 4 Information

What is Focus 4 in terms of Player Development?

Focus 4 is targeting in on the 4 components of player development:

The objective of the training session is to prepare players for competition. The game shows the technical, tactical, physical and psychological development of the player.

Technical - All players in a team need to be individually competent and proficient in the most important skills for each position. In this component focus is on mastery of the ball, training excellent control skills, dribbling, passing, receiving, turning, heading, shooting and running with the ball.

Tactical - This component helps the player fit into the team. Focus is on decision making and the problem solving aspects of the game. Being able to read the game on offense and defense, with or without the ball is key to successful soccer. Attacking and defending principals are a big part of the tactical side of the game. Our Aim is to create clever players, capable of adapting to the constantly changing circumstances of the game.

Physical - Strong and resilient players will provide a significant advantage to a team. This component includes developing the endurance, agility, speed, strength, power and balance of the player. Proper preparation to meet the physical demands of soccer will maximize performance and minimize potential for injury.

Psychological - The human being is often affected by his/her emotions. Focus in this component is on the mental aspects of the game, competing under adverse conditions and how to cope under pressure. This is the process of developing intelligent and mentally capable soccer players. We will train the players to use these emotions to their advantage and turn them into strengths and not weaknesses.

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